WE BELIEVE every licensed driver in the communities we serve deserve access to quality, dependable, and affordable temporary transportation regardless of their financial position.  Having a wider selection of vehicle classes gives us the ability to offer our Rides as low as $10.00 per day on a regular basis.   That’s also why our deposit requirements start at only $150.00.  Compare that to the $300 other rental car companies are charging.  You should be able to use that extra money for your trip!

WE BELIEVE that companies have an obligation to keep their commitments to customers.  That’s why when you reserve a Ride with us, it’s available for you when and where you said you wanted it.  Unlike other car rental companies, we don’t overbook our Rides.

WE BELIEVE renting a car should be easy.  Heck, we believe renting a car should be FUN!  That’s why we work hard to remove the obstacles that others put in front of their customers.   In most cases we don’t need you to provide proof of address, employment, or other personal information.  We give you a choice in your method of payment – including cash.    

You’ll find our team dressed in business casual and ready to have fun providing you with excellence in service and quality.

Ride Rental Cars started from a heart-felt passion to provide temporary transportation to everyone, regardless of their financial status in life.  Knowing there were some great people in our communities that were being told “no” to much needed temporary transportation has been the driving force behind our finding ways to say “YES!”

Our first location opened in Danville, VA in late October 2020 and we couldn’t buy inventory fast enough to keep up with the demand.  Since that time, we’ve been blessed to open three more locations: South Boston VA, Collinsville VA, and South Hill VA.  All three have been warmly received by the communities we serve, and we couldn’t be more grateful.

We’ve learned a lot in the short time we’ve been in business.  We’ve discovered ways to cut our expenses and save our customers money.  We have taken suggestions for improved service and options, figured out how to make it work, and put them in place.  We have a lot more to learn and we’re looking forward to it.  Every step, every decision, every action is guided by our Purpose and Values.



It’s our purpose to serve our communities with excellence to the glory of God.


We are a company guided by the Christian Values of


It’s our pleasure to honor God in all that we do and strive to demonstrate this in how we interact with our customers, vendors, and team members which are our greatest assets.