Terms and Conditions

Estimated Charges

  1. Additional fees that may apply include

    1. $20.00 per day for drivers under the age of 25.

    2. $10.00 per day for using a credit or debit card that is not issued by a major bank operating as a brick and mortar facility, and / or do not draw funds from a traditional checking account.

  2. Daily rentals = one 24 hour period. 

    1. Rentals are due on the scheduled return date at the same time the vehicle was picked up. 

    2. Vehicles returned after that time will be charged an additional day’s rent.

  3. Mileage charges, if any will appear on the invoice.

  4. Deposits required

    1. $150 minimum deposit

    2. An additional $100 deposit for the use of cash or a pre-paid debit / credit card.

    3. An additional $100 deposit in the event either the renter or any additional driver needs to purchase our Collission Damage Waiver to satisfy Ride Rental Cars’ insurance requirements.

Optional Protections

  1. Prepaid fuel:  Renters may pre-pay for a full tank of gas at the current market rate.  This relieves the renter from needing to fill the vehicle with gas prior to returning it.

  2. Prepaid tolls:  Renters may elect to pre-pay take advantage of our pre-paid / unlimited tolls option to avoid the $15.00 per toll administration fee Ride charges, and any administrative fees the toll authority may charge.

  3. Roadside assistance:  Roadside assistance gives the renter the peace of mind of knowing that if they should break down while travelling they have access to 24 hour assistance at no additional charge to them.

  4. Windshield, Wheels, and Tires (WWT).  Renters are responsible for the condition of the vehicle, including the windshield and the tires.  Any damage, from small chips to major cracks in the windshield, to flat tires and total blow outs are repaired at the renter’s expense.  The windshield and tire damage waiver relieves the renter of the responsibility of paying for the damage up to $500 or the amount of the renter’s insurance deductible, whichever is lowest.

  5. Collission Damage Waiver (CDW): Renters and additional drivers who do not have full coverage or have full coverage with a deductible over $500 will need to purchase our Collission Damage Waiver.  Your Personal Rental Consultant will have more information for you.

  6. Insurance Deductible Waiver (IDW):  Qualifying renters may purchase an Insurance Deductible Waiver.  The IDW relieves the renter from having to pay the insurance deductible in the event of a covered loss.  Your Personal Rental Consultant has more information for you.

Additional Drivers

  1. We’re happy to list any additional drivers you wish to have operate your rental. 

  2. This must be done prior to your leaving the lot with the rental car.

  3. Any additional driver must meet all requirements to rent a vehicle including:

    1. have full coverage insurance,

    2. a valid driver’s license.

    3. Minimum 21 years of age (additional charge for anyone under the age of 25)

  4. There is a $10.00 per day fee for additional drivers.  The $10.00 covers any number of additional drivers.

  5. Only the renter and those listed as additional drivers are authorized to operate the rental vehicle.  Any unauthorized use will result in prosecution to the full extent of the law.


  1. By signing the agreement, the renter is agreeing to all terms and conditions listed therein.  Ride Rental Cars may terminate the agreement at any time and any reason and will do so in the event the renter violates any term of the agreement.  The vehicle must be returned immediately on the termination of the agreement regardless of the reason for the termination.

  2. The company has the right to seize the vehicle without notice.  Additional charges will be assessed in the event Ride must seize the vehicle.

  3. All Ride vehicles are equipped with a GPS monitor and an engine immobilizer.  Ride may immobilize the vehicle in the event of the breach of any of the terms of the agreement.  Ride will not be responsible for any additional fees, costs, expenses or any other consequence to the renter in the event Ride immobilizes the vehicle.

Ownership and Condition of Vehicle

  1. Ride Rental Cars is the sole owner of the vehicle. 

  2. Renter agrees not to make any modifications, adjustments, or repairs to the vehicle without the express written permission of Ride Rental Cars.  Tire repair / replacement is excepted.  In the event a tire does need to be replaced, renter agrees to replace it with a brand new tire.

  3. Renter is taking the vehicle in an “as is” condition.

  4. Renter agrees to return the vehicle in the same condition as when it was picked up.  This includes the condition, fuel level, smell, and cleanliness.

Fuel Charges

  1. Renter agrees to return the vehicle with the same amount of gas as when they picked it up unless the “Prepaid Fuel” option was selected PRIOR to picking up the vehicle.

  2. In the event the vehicle is not returned with the same amount of gas, Ride will fill the vehicle.  Renter will be charged the per gallon rate plus an additional $5.00 per gallon for this service.

  3. Additional fees renter may be charged include:

    1. A fee for smoking in the vehicle, whether or not the renter is the one who smoked.

    2. Tolls and tickets plus an administration fee paid to Ride Rental Cars.

    3. A cleaning fee if it is returned requiring more cleaning than ordinarily expected.

    4. Fees for damages or missing items, including:

      1. Vehicle registration, inspection, and roadside assistance documents,

      2. Floor mats,

      3. Spare tire,

      4. Etc.,

    5. Legal fees and other expenses Ride incurs in the attempt to collect any amounts owed by the renter.

Credit Cards

  1. The use of a credit and / or debit card by the Renter or any third party gives Ride Rental Cars the express authority to charge the card for fees due for the rental unless otherwise previously agreed on by an authorized agent of Ride Rental Cars and the renter / third party in writing.

  2. In the event a charge is dishonored, Ride Rental Cars will attempt to initiate the charge again without the prior knowledge of the renter.

Prohibited Uses include:

  1. Use on any road that is not paved.

  2. Transportation of any illegal substance.

  3. Paid transportation of any individual or product.

  4. Any illegal or reckless manner which includes

    1. Driving under the influence of any substance, legal or illegal.

    2. Open / opened alcohol containers.

    3. Racing / speeding / evading law enforcement.

  5. Towing, pushing, pulling any object.

  6. Texting or any other distracted driving.

  7. Transportation or storage of any explosive, corrosive, illegal, or combustible substance.

Accidents, Damage, Loss, Theft

  1. Must be reported to Ride Rental Cars immediately if possible, but no later than the following business day.

  2. Renter is responsible for all damages regardless of fault or circumstance/s involved.

  3. All information, forms, data, records, charges, reports, etc. must be given to Ride Rental Cars.

Indemnification by Renter

Renter agrees Ride Rental Cars is not responsible for any harm, loss, expense, or any other detrimental experience rentter may have while renting the vehicle.

Personal Property

Ride Rental Cars is not responsible for any personal property left in the vehicle at any time.  This includes on return of the vehicle.

Use in Mexico is STRICTLY prohibited.

Power of Attorney

Renter gives a limited power of attorney to act on the renter’s behalf in the case of an accident to discuss and negotiate directly with insurance companies, attorneys, and any other process needed to make Ride Rental Cars whole.