What does Ride bring to the table for you?  Great question!  Following are a some of our customers’ most appreciated advantages.

  • Extremely competitive pricing: our regular prices beat our competition’s discounted prices.
  • Vehicle availability as promised, when promised: we don’t overbook reservations, and we make our business partners our priority.
  • Flexible.  We’re small and agile – able to quickly adapt in response to your needs.
  • Delivery and pick up.  We’ll bring the vehicle to a local address and pick it up.
  • Wide selection of vehicle makes and models.
  • Dedicated agent for our B2B customers.
  • Roadside assistance included with every rental.  We don’t expect it to happen to you, but it will happen to someone, somewhere, sometime.  If that who, where, and when happens to be you, in one of our vehicles, in the middle of nowhere, we’ve got you covered.
  • Safe, dependable vehicles for every rental.  We take great care to ensure every vehicle is inspected, serviced, and sanitized before it’s rented, EVERY TIME.