Ride Rental Cars is a Danville born and based company started by two local businessmen who recognized the need for another option in the Danville community.  After a few years of research, they launched the business.  Their suspicions were immediately confirmed by the overwhelming response.  They soon found themselves working feverishly to increase inventory and staffing levels to satisfy the continually growing demand.

Word of mouth has proved to be our best advertising.  We made the decision early in the life of Ride Rental Cars to overstaff our locations to help ensure customers didn’t have to wait for hours to be waited on.  This practice isn’t normal in the car rental industry, but our focus on exceeding customer expectations makes it a necessity at Ride.  We’ve found a way to provide quicker service, lower prices, and continue to grow our business.  We’re sure you’ll be glad we did.

We let our customers define our business model.  Our customers wanted a wider selection of pricing options, stable pricing (as opposed to prices that increase as fewer cars are available), and a wide variety of payment methods including cash payments.  So, our program gives you those options.  Our customers told us they don’t want to have to wait for an hour or more while the rental agents try to locate a vehicle that was reserved weeks in advance.  While there are some circumstances beyond our control, we’ve developed policies and procedures that help ensure we don’t over commit our vehicles.  That makes things much more pleasant for our customers and the teams that staff our locations.