What happens when a Guru, Whizz, and Harmonizer meet at the coffee machine?

They open a car rental company.

This is how our story starts.

We are Brian, Derek, and Mark, three long-term friends, and the steam engine behind Ride Rental Cars. We combined our strengths and we are serving our community through Ride Rental Cars.



Car Guru

Derek Mitchell - Ride Rental Cars


Number and
Real Estate Whizz

Mark Hebert - Ride Rental Cars



On that day…

Did you know that the idea of opening a car company wouldn’t be carried out if Mark wasn’t late for work for the first time in his life?

Derek and Brian were thinking of opening a car rental company together. They were looking at possibilities, checking what they would need, but everything related to opening a car rental company was imaginary until the day Mark was late for work.

Derek and Mark were working at the same company, and Brian was working close to us.
Very often the three of us would spend lunch breaks together. We would drink coffee, grab something to eat, and catch up on what is happening with our lives.

Idea of Ride Rental Cars was born

We didn’t know that the day Mark was late for work would be the final push for us and our community!

Mark told us during our lunch break that he was late to work because of his wife! She knew a few weeks in advance that she would be without her car because of the regular maintenance of her car. And with that information in mind, she decided to rent a car while hers was being repaired.

The horror happened when she went to pick up a car from a rental company. They rented the car that she booked to someone else! Mark immediately went to help his wife, and give her a lift. Because Mark helped his wife, he was late for work.

When Mark told us about the misfortune his wife had with a rental company, we started talking. Brian and Derek also came across problems with rent-a-car companies. A lot of their friends and relatives experience the same problem – you book a car months in advance, and when it’s time to pick up the car, there is no car for you.

Brian mentioned how many people in our community can’t rent a car because of strict regulations and policies. They need a car for everyday life, like visiting the doctor or driving to work. They don’t have a place where they can rent a car that will suit their needs. Brian wanted to change that, and bring rent a car for everyone.

One step forward…and two more

Brian and Derek researched car rental operations, found a good location, bought cars, and got to work. Ride Rental Cars was a hit from the first day the doors were opened. Our community recognized our mission, and we expanded to 3 new locations in 2 years’ time.

Brian is in charge of finding the cars, and managing our fleet. Because of his expertise, he is a car guru.

Derek is in charge of finding new locations and dealing with finances. His knowledge makes him numbers and real estate whizz.

Mark is in charge of running the company, dealing with team members, coordinating them, and creating bonds with clients, vendors, and partners. Because of his sociable nature, and friendliness, he is a community harmonizer.

Ride Rental Cars’ mission

From the moment we decided to open a car rental company, we are trying to fulfill our mission:

Serve our community with excellence to the glory of God.

Our belief is that the best way to express your love towards God is to make good things for your community, making their life a bit easier, and bringing joy into their life. We are following Christian values of truth, love, and fairness. With our company Ride Rental Cars, we are bringing our beliefs to life, and serving the needs of our community.

With our values in mind, we didn’t want to be another rent-a-car company, we wanted to be different and put our community in the spotlight. Ride Rental Cars have a strict no-overbooking policy, which means that when you book a car, the car will wait for you.

We saw the opportunity to bring car rentals to members of our community who usually can’t rent a car because of financial difficulties or prefer not to use traditional banking services to gain access to affordable temporary transportation. To accomplish this, we only have 3 requirements: have at least liability insurance, a valid driving license, and be 21+.

More than just renting out cars

We saw an extremely positive influence on our community, and how their lives become a bit easier. But, we didn’t stop there. We want to bring joy to people, so we started including Joy ride bags. We would put a small gift for our clients in the car. With our small gesture that comes from the heart, we would bring a smile to their face because none expected a small gift for them.

We are Christians, and we believe in the power of prayer. Every Friday we meet and pray for our community. We want to expand this invitation to our community, and give them the opportunity to participate. Whenever you have some difficulties or problems in life, we are glad to include you in our prayers. Sign up here: prayer request

Our community is very important to us. That’s why we started Ride C.A.R.E.S. events. It is an acronym for Community Action Resource Events. We are organizing events where we are helping members of our community. In those events, we are bringing the community together, and helping the members of our community who are misfortunate at the moment.

The future of Ride Rental Cars…is bright

When we started in 2019, there were only 3 of us. Over years we grow a lot and opened space for other community members to join our team in our mission. With them, every working day becomes easier, and more fun. Our offices are filled with laughter, love, and happiness! Thank you for being part of our mission! (put their photo and names)

We are always looking to expand our team! No one has to be a Christian to join, but you do have to love people and strive to provide excellence, truth, love, and fairness to others. For more information on how to join our team click here.

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