Ride Recommends

Local businesses that we love, and we believe that they will provide excellent service to you!

Running a local business can give you an opportunity to meet other business owners in your community.
At least, this is true for us.

Over the years we have met so many business owners. With some, we created good friendships, with some good business connections. We consider that meeting people in the community can only enrich you.

We love using services from our local vendors, and this is one of the ways we serve our community. Choosing local over national is a way of supporting the people from your community. And no matter what, we always use local businesses over national ones.

Since we are in the car rental business, we mostly come across businesses that are related to cars.
Over the years we develop a relationship with them, and with some companies, we are conducting charity events together.

If you are in the southern part of Virginia and have car problems, these companies will do their best to help you, and give you the best service.

Westover Collision

Westover Collision

Whenever a part of our fleet is broken, Westover Collision always saves the day! They are very prompt, and after their treatment, the car has a like new feeling. Morris and his team are very skillful, and always happy to perfectly repair your car. With Westover Collision, your car is in good hands.

Westover Collision is our ally in all of our Ride C.A.R.E.S. Events. Together we are trying to help our community, and bring joy!

Gravely's Used Auto & Truck Parts

Gravely's Auto Parts

enever we need a car part, Gravely’s Auto Parts is a place to go!
They have parts for cars and trucks. All the parts are nicely organized, displayed, and everyone there is very helpful in searching for a car part.

Don and his team are selling used parts, but they have an extremely long list of requirements that every car part needs to fulfill to be for sale.

Gravely’s Auto Parts is our partner in all of our Ride C.A.R.E.S. Events. Together we are trying to help our community, and bring joy!

Gravely's Used Auto & Truck Parts

First Choice Transmissions

Whenever a transmission is not working properly, or we need an oil change, First Choice Transmissions is a place to go! David and his team have decades of experience in fixing transmissions, but they decided to incorporate it in 2020. They are fast but thorough in their work.

From complete transmission repair to the oil change, First Choice Transmission is a place to go.

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