Flying the (un)Friendly Skies

Oct 25, 2023

Drivers saved an average of $400 vs flyers.

As I sit here in yet another airport terminal, my patience is wearing thin. I can’t help but wonder: when did air travel become such an exasperating ordeal? It’s a question that has been gnawing at me for years. With every delay, security line, and cramped seat, my frustrations with the flying experience continue to mount. So, let’s take a journey through the skies together. I’ll share some visual illustrations of the most maddening aspects of air travel.

The Never-Ending Security Line

Ah, the security line—the starting point of many a traveler’s woes. It’s a sight that’s all too familiar. You stand there, shoes in one hand, laptop in the other, while your fellow passengers shuffle along like zombies. It’s as if time itself has decided to slow down to a crawl. The long queues, overzealous security checks, and the disrobing rituals make you question whether it’s worth leaving the house at all.


The Incessant Baggage Carousel Wait

After surviving the security ordeal, you’d think your struggles are over. But then comes the interminable wait at the baggage carousel. As you watch suitcase after suitcase emerge, none of them seems to be yours. The frustration mounts, and it becomes a game of “will my luggage ever show up?” The anticipation and the impatience create an unpleasant mix. What’s all the anxiety about? Oh, just the frequency of lost and delayed luggage every airline serves up.

The Torture of Tiny Seats

Once onboard, you’re greeted by the notorious cramped seats. The rows seem to be getting closer together with each passing year. Your personal space dwindles as you squeeze into your seat. Your knees threaten to make friends with the seat in front of you. Now you know how contortionists fit into those tiny little boxes. Mom would be proud!

The Battle for Overhead Bin Space

Let’s not forget the overhead bin wars. Passengers competing for limited space to stow their carry-on bags transforms the boarding process into a gladiator match. The result is an anxiety-inducing game of Tetris with everyone’s overstuffed bags.

The Lost Art of Civility

Airports and planes are sometimes breeding grounds for the lost art of civility. Passengers argue with one another and with the airline staff. Voices are raisied as attitudes continually spiral downward. It’s a cacophony of frustration that only adds to the stress of flying.

Air travel has become a veritable minefield of frustrations. While the sights and sounds of the world are just a flight away, the journey itself has become an endurance test. It’s easy to lose your cool when faced with endless lines, lost luggage, cramped quarters, baggage battles, and discourteous fellow passengers. We didn’t even look at the constant delays and cancellations that seem to be increasing every year.

Still, as frustrating as it can be, the destination often makes it all worthwhile. Assuming, of course, you make it there. Until then, we’ll just have to endure the exasperations of air travel and hope for smoother skies in the future.

Or do we?

Aggrevation Alternatives

Allow me to offer an excellent alternative (depending on the distance you’ll be traveling). Driving typically presents far fewer hassles, keeps you in control, and offers some amenities (like all the carry on food you can carry, roomier seats, and more pleasant company) than you’ll find on airlines.

Not only will you have the benefits of a more pleasant trip (provided you’ve planned your drive through congested areas for the lowest travel times), you’ll have the added benefit of on demand vehicle availability once you arrive at your destination.  This means you are free to jump in a car and go where you’d like at your convenience without depending on (or inconveniencing) friends and family.

Don’t want to add a bunch of miles to your car? Not sure your car is up for the trip? Not a problem. As the stats listed above show, you can book a rental ahead of time and you’re sure to get a dependable car at a rate that a plane ticket can’t beat.  Not to mention the fact that the only delays and cancellations you’re likely to face are the ones you choose to enjoy.


Drivers to New York, NY could save $623 and skip delays and cancellations.
Drivers saved an average of $400 vs flyers.

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